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Default Re: thrown weapons and facing

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Yeah, there is no definition of Side Hex or Rear Hex other than the adjacent hexes. And there would need to be a definition and/or diagram to even know which more distant attacking hexes are at the side or rear of a target. Without that, even if the intent were to give a +2 or +4, there would be nothing telling you which to apply in the hexes where it isn't obvious. The closest is the diagram for the forward 180 degree arc of hexes, but that is only for purposes of what you can see to make ranged attacks against.
As others have said, facing is relevant for all ranged attacks. Ranged attacks coming through the front hex have their damage reduced by shields. Ranged attacks coming through the rear hex have their damage reduced by a slung shield.

That is, it is part of the core mechanics that you need to determine the hex through which a ranged attack is coming. This is usually perfectly easy, but unfortunately we weren't given details on what to do about this when it comes through a spine.

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