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Originally Posted by Chris Goodwin View Post
-5 ST is in new ITL, p. 10, under "Heroic Magic Revival". Aside from the -5 ST, all of the conditions under that paragraph were the same as those in for death in general in AM p. 22, with the exception of Universal Antidote for poison. Greater Wish is specified in new ITL, where "wish" is specified in AM. New ITL specifies that a Freeze spell will stop the clock for as long as it's in effect, though that lasts for 2 to 12 turns. Presumably a self-powered Freeze magic item would keep it stopped.

New ITL p. 10 allows "Immediate Action" for figures that are "just barely dead", which by inference is at ST -4 or greater, assuming you can get to them immediately after the combat is over. Longer than that, up to an hour, is under "Heroic Magic Revival". Universal Antidote is under Immediate Action in new ITL

I would presume that using Aid to add ST would fall under "Immediate Action", and you'd need to add enough to get them to 0 ST; doing so would merely reset that clock. I would also presume that a magic item that adds ST would be enough, if it would get them to 0 or greater. Per Rule of 5, one of these items can only add a maximum of +5 ST, which interestingly meshes with -5 or below being under Heroic Magic Revival.

To summarize:

AM: 0 ST or below; Wish (unspecified), Revival spell, Revival potion, Universal Antidote (for poison). Requires within one hour. Loss of 5 attribute points.

New ITL, Immediate Action: -1 to -4 ST; first aid (Physicker or Master Physicker), Healing Potion, Universal Antidote (for potion or poison), must be "immediate" (i.e. as soon as possible after combat ends; GM has leeway, I'd rule up to 2-3 minutes, depending on circumstances). Explicitly, any or all of these can be combined. No ill effects after.

New ITL, Heroic Magic Revival: -5 ST or below; Greater Wish, Revival spell, Revival potion. Any time after "Immediate Action" has expired, up to one hour. Loss of 5 attribute points.

Oh, side note: neither original nor new TFT made any distinction between nonlethal and lethal damage; if you're reduced to death by any combination, you're dying. If and only if, some of that damage is the result of fatigue or exhaustion, then Drain Strength (from the caster or a volunteer -- same in AW and new ITL) could be used to heal it back, and if doing so were enough to bring them to 0 ST or higher I'd rule that they'd make it. This would fall under Immediate Action in new ITL, and probably wouldn't work for Heroic Magic Revival nor at all in old TFT.
Yes, this is an awesome summary condensation of the rules, and matches my readings exactly. I'd want this (as you just wrote it under "to summarize" above, that I bolded) on my GM screen or quick notes!


* A combination of Aid & Freeze spells look like they could keep someone fresh enough to buy a bit more time to at least for a while to go get more help or a healing potion or something in some cases - I can see that leading to some tense lifesaving efforts.

* The Freeze enchantment description shows that even without being self-powered, it is (by virtue of flavor description) an item that when worn, freezes someone indefinitely, so can now be used as a cryo healing device for people who are only at -4 or less.

* I'd also rule that the Aid spell can be used like you suggest Drain ST can, to do immediate action on the fatigue portion of someone's damage. I would even allow this on people whose fatigue (not wounds) brings them to -5 or lower. (I would probably house rule that fatigue doesn't kill in any case, but if I were not house ruling that, I'd at least let Aid work this way.)
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