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Default Re: GURPS, 1986 Release Date?

Originally Posted by Parabola View Post
According to Wikipedia, the first edition of Gurps debuted at the 1986 Origins convention that started on July 3rd. That would supposedly then be the first date that the public was able to see the game and start buying it.

That fits in with my memories. My best friend preordered the game and was anxiously awaiting it. I remember we started on a Saturday and it was the 19th during the summer. That would make July 19 the day we first played.

Also, Gurps was predated by a Steve Jackson game called "The Fantasy Trip" which was the forerunner to Gurps
I quite liked TFT as well.

The full release of GURPS was also preceded by the release of the combat system in a book called "Man To Man" as an arena combat game (in the tradition of Melee and the later Wizard that led to TFT).
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