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Default Re: One Last Shot missile attack

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
Option m, cited above, has that covered. Drop ready weapon and ready a new non-missile weapon.
Yes, that is quite true; however, my suggestion of changing *must* to *may* was solely aimed - pardon the pun - at solving the immediate issue with as little editorial effort as possible; (i.e. 3 backspaces and the insertion of 2 substitute letters) while achieving your stated end-goal of leaving the option open to the player by changing the as-written mandatory obligation to an open-ended option by using the word *may* in place of *must*.

If *may* were employed in place of *must*, the sentence under (i) would then inform what the player can do, or not, with their bow; whereas, the sentence under (m), remaining as written, and when chosen, serves to inform what the player has elected to do with their bow - two significantly different states - with one (i) stating what a player could do (potential) and (m) what they are specifically doing (actual).

In other words, use both.

Does that suggestion not solve the issue of eliminating the obligation of being forced to drop the missile weapon, and achieve your goal of putting the option to defend with same, back in the hands of the players?

If not, I am failing to see how the problem would remain unsolved, and the goal not achieved. Would you clarify, if that is the case?


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