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Default Re: Considering pistols, Rcl and ST

Originally Posted by fredtheobviouspseudonym View Post
No. The case & breech keep the action closed until after the bullet has left the muzzle. If there is any reduction in projectile velocity it is less than a percent or two.
Fair enough. That means that the actual recoil will be the same.

I was, however, looking for something akin to the felt recoil reduction of a Browning semi-automatic shotgun compared to a normal pump-action shotgun. As felt recoil is more important than actual recoil to the GURPS stats of MinST and Rcl, a semi-automatic shotgun will have MinST and Rcl at 1 step lower than a manual-action shotgun of similar weight firing the same round.

I was wondering if the MinST and Rcl of semi-automatic pistols in High-Tech held a similar modification, making analogies to the MinST or Rcl of a muzzleloader from the momentum of their loads imprecise and misleading.

For example, I know that the shape of a TL6+ bullet allows a lot better sectional density and range, but Dmg (at least at muzzle) is still largely determined by mass and velocity. A muzzleloading pistol firing a projectile of the same weight and velocity as the Desert Eagle .50 AE might have slightly lower Dmg, because of the larger size of the lead ball penetrator.

But could I use the MinST and Rcl unchanged or should the muzzleloader have higher MinST and Rcl because none of the felt recoil is absorbed by the operation of the action?
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