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Default Re: One-College Magery and Druidic spells

Originally Posted by Ejidoth View Post
My understanding was that the colleges he was referring to were:

1. Birch (Beth), 23 spells
2. Rowan (Luis), 10 spells
3. Alder (Fearn), 14 spells
4. Willow (Saille), 6 spells
5. Ash (Nion), 14 spells
6. Hawthorn (Uath), 21 spells
7. Oak (Duir), 10 spells
8. Holly (Tinne), 19 spells
9. Hazel (Coll), 49 spells
10. Vine/Bramble (Muin), 35 spells
11. Ivy (Gort), 6 spells
12. Reed (Ngetal), 6 spells
13. Elder (Ruis), 6 spells
14. Silver Fir (Ailm), 14 spells
15. Gorse (Onn), 6 spells
16. Heather (Ura), 3 spells
17. Aspen (Eadha), 10 spells
18. Yew (Idho), 12 spells

This isn't counting the multi-college spells, like the two Alder+Aspen spells or the four Silver Fir+Willow+Yew spells.

While these are all types of wood, I don't think this specifically has anything to do with the Wood college mentioned later in that chapter.
Yes! Thank you! I should have been clearer.
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