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Default Re: [Sci-fi] [Psionics] A somewhat different telepathy

Originally Posted by Arith Winterfell View Post
Iím working on a sci-fi setting Iíd like some help with a few matters.

1. I want to have psionic powers in the setting (at least telepathy) but want to keep the flavor strongly sci-fi rather than falling into the superhero genre. I could use some input on how to do that. My current thoughts about it are that itís a question of power levels, with common sci-fi psionic powers being largely (though not totally) limited to telepathy with certain limitations on it. But what about other abilities? Or those abilities power levels?
Have you looked at the Psionics books?
Originally Posted by Arith Winterfell View Post
2. Iím trying to figure out how to put stats to a collection of abilities and effects for the telepathy Iím imagining in the setting currently. So here are some of the abilities and effects.

a. Telepaths can sense strong thoughts and emotions even without wanting to, as if someone in the room is telepathically shouting.
Two options:
1. Give most people in the setting Easy to Read (Psychic Only +0%) [-10]

Originally Posted by Psionic Campaigns p.27
Your resistance rolls against spells or abilities that read your thoughts or emotions are at -8. Moreover, if you are experiencing a high level of emotion or stress, you must make a Will roll (14 or higher always fails) to avoid projecting your thoughts and feelings so loudly that theyíre picked up automatically by all nearby mind readers! Assume that any telepath can ďhearĒ such thoughts within skillX3 yards, or (IQ + Talent)X3 yards if not using psionic skills. You may not learn the Mental Strength or Mind Block skills, nor have the Mind Shield advantage. +100%.

Originally Posted by Psionic Campaigns p.27
If everyone starts with this trait, it shouldnít count against any disadvantage limit; in essence, buying it off is like purchasing a 10- or 20-point advantage!

2. Enhance Mind Reading with Reflexive +40%;

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I'd say that Mind Reading (Reflexive, +40%) [42] is about right. Variations include adding Temporary Disadvantage, Supersensitive, -15% to that (makes cost 38 points) or taking Supersensitive [-15] full-time (makes overall cost 27 points), depending on what model you prefer.
Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Mind Reading with Reflexive is essentially "just another sense." Although Reflexive does mean rolling dice, that angle simply makes Mind Reading work like hearing, vision, etc.: you roll dice to notice easily missed or deliberately obscured items. The only difference is that the die rolling is a Quick Contest of IQ vs. Will instead of a Per roll. As with normal senses, there would be no special reason to roll for obvious stuff, where "obvious" here means everything that a non-mind reader could glean through mundane skills like Detect Lies and Psychology. The point cost (42 points) is on par with that of a sense that can look inside things and through light cover (Para-Radar [40]), perceive things that are normally too fast to perceive (Enhanced Time Sense [45]), or give spontaneous visions of the past (Psychometry (Immersive, +100%) [40]), which seems balanced.

Don't forget that no amount of Mind Reading is Mind Probe. Mind Reading gives surface thoughts -- things that an emotional person might accidentally say, and that anybody might rather clearly convey via body language and tone of speech. So passive Mind Reading isn't an ultimate ability to pry into the thoughts of everyone nearby, just a souped-up version of Empathy.
Mind Reading (Decreased Immunity 3 +150%; Reflexive +40%; Reliable +10, +50%) [112]

You can eavesdrop on othersí surface thoughts. You must be able to see or touch the subject to affect him. Without Concentrating you can instantaneously roll a Quick Contest of IQ+6* vs. the subjectís Will. Modify the roll for range penalties to the subject (see p. 550).

If you lose, you may try again, at no penalty. Should you critically fail, you may try again, at no penalty. (Decreased Immunity 3)

*Reliable gives +10, Reflexive gives -4, total +6


Mind Reading (Area Effect +300%; Decreased Immunity 3 +150%; Reflexive +40%; Reliable +10, +50%) [202]

as above but you can simultaneously roll quick contests vs everyone in range (64 yards), but without Compartmentalized Mind you can only focus on one thought stream at once (Think of it like being in a noisy bar, you can hear everyone, but only focus on one person at once.)
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