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Default Re: Question about cutting a throat.

Originally Posted by safisher View Post
Ah, but that's not true. MA: FCCS explicitly deals with this.
Where? All I've seen is mention of holds that hold the mouth shut, not that these holds impose Cannot Speak/Mute, or that cutting through the neck results in Cannot Speak/Mute (except through a very lucky roll on the neck major wounds table). As a GM, I'd probably say 'yeah, he can't talk', but I'd rather see explicit mention of that.

There's a difference between your opinion, and not understanding the rules as they currently stand. All too often, the problem on these forums is the latter.
True enough. Do you disagree that it would make sense for a knife swing to the neck to be easier if you've already grappled a target's jaw than if you just tried swinging from behind, though? Isn't part of the point of grabbing the guy's jaw to make it easier to hit the neck? I'd like to see rules for this (though, as I've mentioned, I dabbled with a house rule that doing so halves the hit location penalty).
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