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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

There are several ways to get extra attacks in TFT.

Two weapon fighting, with or without the talent, without the talent you need special weapons (daggers, main-gauche, cesti, spiked shield, net and trident, etc) or fists. The rules are a little bit unclear on this, or rather contradictory. I go with the -4DX for both attacks when you don't have the talent. And with the talent -0/-4. Twirl uses nunchuks which are a special weapon that can be used one in each hand. The "fire" thing doesn't affect it in any way combat wise (it just gave her a torch light effect at the cost of a mundane "dance" talent for flavor). :-)

The others use fist attacks, and with the HTH bonus of +4 or hitting someone lying down in HTH while you stand up yourself, you could do a -0/-0 attack with your fists. The Cesti works in a similar way. Not 100% sure if double punching with fists are RAW, but that is how we play it.

The multiple attacks come from hitting multiple enemies, and potentially friends in a large free for all HTH. You get a chance to hit every enemy, but as soon as you hit someone you stop. Unless you have two attacks to begin with, then you start over for the next attack. If you run out of enemies in a pile of people (missing them all), you have to strike to miss your friends. This is what happened in the spider fight. Lots of spiders in HTH. But the party was lucky and hit the spiders first, and didn't have to strike to miss. That happened in a later fight where Ogre got a boomerang in the back of his head. Strike to miss your friends are dangerous because there is an increased chance of crits and auto hits.

The third way to get more than one attack is the Sweeping blow, where you hit all three front hexes at a -4adjDX if you have a large bladed weapon.

I hope that cleared things up just a bit. :-)
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