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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

Thank you for posting this example! I'm new to TFT and I've been wishing ITL included detailed combat examples (like this!) to help me understand the system better. I have some questions though.

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
Twirl(X) hits one with her first attack (DX 12+4(prone)-3(fear), then her second attack misses twice (DX 8 +4-3), but the third try is a success and spider number 6 on Longlegs dies...
Tilly(N) hesitates but decides to drop her crossbow and gives the icky crawlers a one-two fist attack. With a DX of 11+4(prone)-4(2 attacks)-3(fear). She mirrors her sister's result Hit, miss, hit. And kills two more.
How did they each do 3 attacks? I can't find anything about extra attacks for fighting barehanded, nor anything at all that allows 3 attacks.

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
Longlegs(R) goes first and quadruple miss; DX 13+4-4-3. At least he didn't hurt himself.
Am I reading this right? He attacked 4 times? How?
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