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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

Originally Posted by JohnPaulB View Post

I agree with Skarg that you can't split the Image/Illusion. The idea of it disappearing perhaps comes from it disincorporating itself, like you suggested.

However, in the situation where the Illusion is forced to 'drop' its weapon, perhaps you could have the illusion trip instead, with the weapon seeming to drop as the illusion is falling, but never actually leaves the hand.
According to RAW, it can't split into two. That is clear. But it also says it can't split, so there is no disappear when it is forced to split because it can't do it to begin with. There are many ways to play it out, but illusions and images are a big topic. Bigger than this thread about a Death Test run. Maybe start a new thread and we can move the discussion over there?

I will add another couple of rooms of the run tomorrow, I still have the notes and pictures. :-)
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