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Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
My view is that a 1-hex illusion can do anything it wants within a hex, so dropping a weapon, which falls in the same hex, does not violate the spell. The fire from a thrown or missile weapon which extends beyond the hex of origin would violate the parameters of the spell and so is disallowed.

Due to this, I wouldn't consider a dropped or broken weapon to violate the illusion. The only exception to this would be if the illusion was forced backwards away from its dropped weapon. That would then destroy the illusion to my mind.
Why would the illusion be destroyed? Why not just adjust the illusion in the same way that you pass right through an illusory bridge and the victim tries to rationalize it somehow even though it is just as impossible as a dropped weapon? It does make it obvious or at least likely that it is an illusion when the weapon (or the warrior) disappears, but it could be just the weapon that was an illusion, so you can't be sure. So you still have to disbelieve it to make it go away.

I see the illusion as one piece no matter what. And it can't be split in two, it will adjust. But it won't disappear on its own, I see no reason for that. If you hit it good with a weapon, blood should splatter, but it won't. The blood won't stick to your sword either which it should. An illusion on fire will not give off smoke and a slime illusion won't leave a trail of muck. All perfectly good reason to try a disbelieve, but it shouldn't be automatic and it shouldn't go poof by it self. At least that is my take on it. The more clues you find or good reasons for a disbelieve, the better bonus you would get in my games.

But overall I like the idea of anything goes within its area better than RAW that says it can't divide. It takes care of all the small stuff like an illusion screaming and you can see the spittle drip off his lips. :-D The spittle will disappear from the ground when the guy moves away, but that is easy to miss. And a wet zombie that rises from the water will drip water on the ground. A fire elemental can give of smoke and not all the flames and embers must stick together, but they can't fly very far.

But as the OP, let's take this discussion to its own thread. This is about a Death Test run. :-)
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