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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
The main ones I know are:
ITl page 138: "A single illusion cannot split in two – this is why an illusory fighter cannot use a thrown or missile weapon."
ITL page 139: "An image/illusion [...] can make only physical attacks (and cannot use a thrown or missile weapon – that would require the image/illusion to divide in two)."

I feel like there have been other answers supporting this in original TFT, but that may mean Interplay Q&A somewhere (I looked in the Codex Q&A but didn't see it there).
My view is that a 1-hex illusion can do anything it wants within a hex, so dropping a weapon, which falls in the same hex, does not violate the spell. The fire from a thrown or missile weapon which extends beyond the hex of origin would violate the parameters of the spell and so is disallowed.

Due to this, I wouldn't consider a dropped or broken weapon to violate the illusion. The only exception to this would be if the illusion was forced backwards away from its dropped weapon. That would then destroy the illusion to my mind.
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