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Default Re: Shipbuilding in ISW vs Spaceships

This is why I love gaming these days as opposed to the early 90s when I started. I can communicate with people who are either smarter or more experienced (or both). I was determined to prove you wrong. I fired up a spreadsheet and began building a weapon vs DR table.

Just as a proof of concept, I ran the numbers for common pistols vs common flexible armors for TL 9-11.

	                       Die Averages  vs Reflex  vs Nano  vs Mono
TL9 10mm Pistol 3d pi+		                0          0	    0
TL9 Gyroc Pistol 6d pi++	               18     	   6        0
TL10 Gauss Pistol 3d (3) pi-	                3	   3	    1
TL10 Laser Pistol 3d (2) burn	                8	   7        6
TL10 Heavy Laser Pistol 4d (2) burn            12	  11	   10
TL10 Gauss Shotgun Pistol, 8d pi++             32	  20	    8
TL11 Blaster Pistol 3d(5) burn sur	        9	   9	    8
TL11 Heavy Blaster Pistol 4d(5) burn sur       13	  12	   12
You were right.

I didn't even get into trauma plates in vests, clamshells, rigid, or sealed combat armors, let alone SMGs or rifles... Actually, I'm going to add in rifles and other weapons just to see what the common target (still only accounting for common flexible armors for each TL) would take on average.

Here's a link to the Google Sheet.

So, all that being said... How do I keep combat balanced for a party that has...
  • a pilot in flexible armor and a pistol
  • a marine with space armor and a gauss rifle

I worry that, at any TL, anything that could threaten the Marine would vaporize the rest of the party. How do you handle situations like this?
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