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Default Re: Shipbuilding in ISW vs Spaceships

Originally Posted by Wonazer View Post
I'm put off by ISW shipbuilding complexity as well -- that's why I was asking about its output. Does it do anything better than Spaceships? If not, does using Spaceships break anything in ISW? Will I have to reimagine existing ISW ships? If not, I'll go with what I already know and run with Spaceships.
Space combat at TL9-10 with Spaceships tends toward an "eggshells with hammers" paradigm. If you build your Battlestars at SM+15 they might not suffer such problems when dealing with SM+4 Cylon Raiders. At least as long as missile launches take place within visual range.

ISW can be the other way. One of my issues with it is that some Vilani ships have so much armor that a Terran ship of comparable mass couldn't damage it. It would be very hard for the Terrans to win any of those match-ups.
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