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Default Re: Shipbuilding in ISW vs Spaceships

Originally Posted by Wonazer View Post
I'm familiar with Spaceships, but just got into Interstellar Wars. I've seeing a handful of distinct differences between the two systems. I'm considering designing ISW ships via Spaceships, but I'm worried about consistency. What functional differences are there that I may be missing at first glance?
Spaceships is after ISW and completely separate. I certainly don't think ISW has anything like Spaceships' scaling. I suspect any similarities might be simple coincidence.

I've never tried very hard to make ships with the ISW ssytem. I'm put off by its' complexity relative to its' output. Also, ISW has very poor comaptibility with earlier versions of Traveller (J2 Beowulf for starters).

Spaceships at least has the virtue of simplicity. I can make Spaceships desgins by counting on my fingers (to 20).
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