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Default Re: Imperial Intelligence & The Ine Givar

Originally Posted by Tinman
I am about to start GMing a new 3rd Imperium campaign and my players like to have an espionage focus in their games.

My question is where can I find detailed info on the Imp. Intell. and the I.G.
Originally the Ine Givar was a generic terrorist organization. GDW didn't develop any background for it beyond the fact that they were terrorists and that they didn't like the Imperium.

Andrew Moffat-Vallance wrote them up for JTAS Online:

This isn't canon, but it is what I've decided to call pseudo-canon: It's compatible with canon and Traveller authors are allowed to use it as background (unlike fan material), so who knows, it might one day show up in canonical material.

The Ine Givar are mentioned in 26 other JTAS Online articles. Some are just casual references, but there are a few with more substance.

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