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Democrats controlled the NC legislature until 2010, and there were plenty of other Democratic Party strongholds in the South until 1994. I knew people in NC in the 90s who would not vote Republican because of Lincoln.
If you're going that way, though, there doesn't seem to be any obvious reason that HRC would be able to advance her career like that. She only got into elected office after WJC was in the White House, and it was the same kind of deal where New York elects an out of state candidate to the Senate who has tied to a former president, as when they elected Robert Kennedy in 1964; in both cases the new Senator had no prior history of elected office. (There were jokes in 1964 about Massachusetts being the only state with three senators.) I'm not persuaded that New York would have even considered her as a candidate without WJC's presidency, or that Arkansas would have considered her at all—they certainly didn't when WJC was governor, or president, or former president.

Even if you suppose she got into the Senate, somehow, I don't see anything to distinguish her from the other forty or fifty Democratic senators, if "married to the former president" wasn't on her CV.

I think you're conserving too much of our world's political history in what is meant to be an AH. It's like novels where US history diverged during the Civil War, but somehow Richard Nixon was still born and had a career in politics.
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