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Default Re: Astral Projection - A powerful spell... not powerful enough?

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi all, Zot.
I have mixed feelings about Astral Projection. I love the idea behind this spell, but I'm not happy with it as written.

Astral Projection is such a neat idea, I would be happiest if it was dropped from the base book, but made a mini supplement of its own. Let us say on W23, there was a $2 *.pdf which gave 10 or 20 pages on this spell and the Astral Plane.

It could go into...
-- what the Astral Plane is like,
-- how quickly and how deeply you could enter it,
-- what dangers lurk on the Astral Plane,
-- Astral Monsters,
-- powerful 'time storms' on the Astral Plane,
-- Mnoren artifacts powered with Astral Energies which could be found there and brought back,
-- the dangers of losing connection with your body when in the Astral Plane,
-- strange experiments that can be preformed on the Astral Plane,
-- defences people can take to prevent astral spying,
-- spells that only can be cast on the Astral Plane, etc.

Basically, the spell cries for a small splat book. As it is, I find the Astral Projection spell a bit dull.

I would be willing to write this if no one else is interested.

Warm regards, Rick.
Yes! It could use a ton of love. Lots of Dr Strange material deals with it (as does real Western occultism). For that matter, Astral Projection could be the basis for an entirely new magic system (fingers itching to make one now).

A wizard with Astral Projection is a lot like a decker in Shadowrun or a classic television series "cyberchick" (I think Theora in Max Headroom was the first of this now prevalent trope).
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