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Default Re: GURPS Modern Fantasy Setting - Alternate History Help

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
At IQ 3, they are not smart, about the same as a deer or a hawk. The easiest way to start to kill them will be with shaped-charge landmines, baited with meat.
I'll up the intelligence.

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
The military units that use those mines will also be armed with weapons like a Carl Gustav (6dx5(10) cr ex)...
Highest damage "normal" gun I see in the basic set is a sniper rifle that does 9d+1 pi, with an RoF of 1. And explosives and heavy weapons are likely not usable in a population center. Never heard of a Carl Gustav, but that damage is fairly crazy. My goal is for normal small arms to not be much of a bother for a troll. Most likely, there just won't be a gun that unbalanced represented. Or I need to re-balance the DR on the trolls.

It's sounding a lot like the trolls are the major focus of this thread. If trying for the goal of putting technology in its place, and being a reason for reduced population growth are what I'm aiming for, what other ideas might work better to feel easier to believe? I'm still leaning toward just adjusting the trolls, but I'm not prideful enough to be stubborn if there's a better idea.
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