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Default Re: [Spaceships] Missile shield vs. ramming: two questions

The first thing I can think of to offset the increase in beam weapon power under "the square root of destruction" is give an SM-based multiplier to DR. Something like this progression:

SM+4: x1.5
SM+5: x2
SM+6: x2.5
SM+7: x3
SM+8: x3.5
SM+9: x4
SM+10: x5
SM+11: x6
SM+12: x7
SM+13: x9
SM+14: x11
SM+15: x13

This is more or less consistent with how the Square Root of Destruction rules increase the damage output of major batteries. I'm a little worried that for some paradigms it might make ships too tough, but not sure what that paradigm is.
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