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Default Re: [Powers] The Power of... Gadgeteering?

Okay, some sample abilities. This assumes "Gadgeteering" is a -0% power modifier, which there is precedent for in the "Crafting Imbuements" article:

23 points

As the Artifact Lore Artificer power-up from Dungeon Fantasy 11, without the reputation bonus, and with the power modifier Gadgeteering, -0%.

Frickin’ Laser
142 points

This ability lets you convert an ordinary gun into a frickin' laser. Use the gun's normal statistics, except that it gains Armor Divisor (2), Acc +3, and damage becomes Burning. This takes 2d-1 10 minutes and requires an Engineer (Small Arms) or Engineer (Artillery), depending on the size of the weapon.

Once created, the laser can be stored on the shelf indefinitely, but after first being fired it will cease functioning after minutes equal to your margin of success. If you spend additional time working on the weapon, you can make multiple rolls and total the margin of success, e.g. 4d-2 10 minutes of work would let you roll twice and add get minutes of operation equal to your total margin of success.

Statistics: Afflictions 1 (Advantages, Burning Strike, Penetrating Weapon (2), and Precise Gear +3, +1,260%; Based on Own IQ Roll, +20%; Cosmic, Duration is cumulative, +100%; Delay, Triggered, +50%; No Signature, +20%; Immediate Preparation Required, 2d-1 10 minutes, -45%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Guns Only, -60%; Gadgeteering, -0%) [142].

The advantages have the limitations Futuristic, -5%; Mundane Countermeasures, -10%; and Nuisance Effect, -5%. Alternate version of Immediate Preparation Required taken from here.

Permanent Modification
180 points

As Sorcerous enchantment, but more expensive due to the power modifier.

Affliction 1 (Accessibility, Only to build gadgets, -40%; Based on IQ, Own Roll, +20%; Cumulative, +400%; Extended Duration, Truly Permanent, +300%; Limited Use, 1/day, -40%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Gadgeteering, -0%; Special Enhancements, as for sorcerous enchantment, +1080%) [179] + Extra Option (Limited access to meditative study for gadgeteering) [1].

Hyperactive Inventor
20 points/level

Statistics: Altered Time Rate (Accessibility, Creation and invention only, -40%; Non-combat speed, -60%; Gadgeteering, -0%) [20/level]

Other Abilities

You may purchase Blessed (Inspired Crafter) 1-3, Machine Empathy, and any number of levels of Versatile with no special modifiers other than the Gadgeteering power modifier.

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