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Question: are certain types of government more common, or is it a total miss mash of monarchies, theocracies, democracies, and so forth?
This varies between species and cultural groups. Amongst humans, democracy is the default form of government and few if any human colonies don't pay at least lip service to democratic principles.

However democracy as practiced in the mid-31st century (like a millennium earlier) covers a multitude of sins including both a number of fringe forms (eg sortation) and a significant minority of 'illiberal democracies' exhibiting a variety of flavours of personalised regimes, de-facto oligarchies and theodemocracies (similar to present day Iran).

Similarly many other species tend to one or two preferred forms of government. The Mar Kan (I am going to leave the other species to their creators) for example share the human taste for the trappings of democracy although in many cases the operative word is trappings the Mar Kan are even more likely to follow the illiberal route than humanity.

Q: Are there any physiological or psychological effects from FTL travel?

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