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Default GUAL cards turning combat into winning level


An interesting winning situation occurred the last time I played that I'd like some clarification on! I think it was probably valid, but a lot of people argued that it wasn't so it's probably worth asking about :)

- Player A is in combat, currently level 7.
- Player A asks Player B to help them (for a share of the treasure).
- Player B agrees, and combined they defeat the monster (which gives one level).
- Player A then pulls out two GUAL cards (claiming they're being used before the end of the combat), therefore causing the combat to give them the winning level.

Was this legal? In the end I couldn't find a reason why not so I allowed them to win. Others were arguing that they were being used to gain the winning level because the combat was over, and others were arguing that they should have been able to withdraw their help.

Thanks in advance! :)
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