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Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
He gets to do something else and *still* get the benefits of All-Out Defense, which certainly is an advantage over other people.
He has advantages over a normal person taking All-Out Defense, but that advantage is not that he is better at the defending. They both have the same Dodge score. His advantage is just that he can do more things.

That is a fair point. If he takes multiple turns of All-Out Defense he should be better at defending. But I think he already is even in the RAW - just take the Increased Defense option more than once and stack the +2 bonuses.
Letting them stack would not give a good result at higher levels of ATR. The difference in Dodge score between a normal person All-Out Defending and someone with ATR 1 All-Out Defending would be 2. However the difference between someone with ATR 1 and someone with ATR 3 would be 4. The difference between ATR 9 and ATR 19 would be 20.

In all those cases, one person is twice as fast as the other, so that is not really a reasonable result. It might give a too low Dodge bonus at low levels and would definitely give a too high bonus at really high levels of ATR.
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