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Default Re: Two simple ways to get more talents.

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi Bayarea, everyone.
My system works well in my campaign, and in the campaigns by people using my rules, but I can't see Steve using it in the new TFT.

What I suggested was simply reduce the cost of most talents. That is as simple as it gets. New players look up Mimic and instead of it costing 3 mIQ, it costs 1. Instead of Knife costing 1 mIQ, it costs 1/2. No new rules or anything to remember at all.

Alternately, change the talents to be an INCLUDES relationship rather than a REQUIRES relationship. So right now you have to buy thief and then buy Master Thief (Master Thief REQUIRES you to already have Thief). You could make it that Thief costs 2 mIQ, but Master Thief costs 3 mIQ, but INCLUDES Thief for free. So spending 3 mIQ (and having a 12+ IQ) would give you both talents.

Right now there is a very simple relationship: if you have 12 IQ then you get 12 memory to go with it. I would rather take one of the above two systems, than require people to remember that if you have a 12 IQ, then you have 14 mIQ.

Warm regards, Rick
Hi Rick I always read your rules with enthusiasm, as you say your rules work for your campaign. To put them into the TFT most of the rules would have to be rewritten, fST for berserking and other things, all the Talents for IQ superscripts and all the combat for sDX are just some examples. So as you say it is unlikely to have that level of rewrite.

Obviously changing the talents cost is another option, however I don't think the talents are 2x too expensive. Also this means relearning every talent cost I have most of them memorized and I suspect other do too. So if you change a few like Mimic, Fencing and Monster Follower that's not a big deal. I just don't think enough talents are overpriced to justify reducing them all.

Obviously my solution doesn't work for you, but it was just an idea that might be a little bit easier than changing every talent. Maybe doing something as simple as making Sword, Polearm and Ax/Mace 1 IQ each might do the trick, as I don't think getting enough talents with experience is the problem. Again I am just throwing an idea out there, personally I am okay if the talents don't change much, i was just looking at something that won't require a big rewrite.

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