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Everyone has been talking about ways to get more talents, adjusting some of the talents make sense. For example Fencing is too high compared to Thrown Weapons (+2DX and ready weapon same turn)3 IQ vs 2 IQ. But I don't think that will solve all the problems, nor is what I am suggesting going to solve all the problems this is just food for thought.

I would want to go with a KISS approach, so that knocks out mIQ and Rick's Superscripts these work but they aren't my cup o'tea. If we were to do something like give one 2 Pt talent for free, up to the beginning character's IQ. In other words a 10 IQ character would have 12 pts to play with. He wouldn't have to use all his IQ either I often save points for when I get another IQ point.

This coupled with a steeper Exp grade at 40 attributes would limit bloat, and give enough talents to make individualized characters.

Is this perfect? No of course not. Though it does allow for additional talents without having to rewrite most of the rules.

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