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Default Re: The space between the quick and the dead.

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
GURPS has a VERY wide gap where people can still be living. (I believe that a 10 HT figure must reach -50 to be sure of killing them.) I think that is far too forgiving.
Well, it depends on what weapons and rules you use. There are several things that multiply damage (e.g. hits to the brain or vital organs), and some of us apply the bleeding rules per injury...

I think it's actually a clever way around the fallacy that wounds simply add up to a point where someone dies. Making someone certainly dead immediately by hitting them with many wounds that don't hit anyplace vital, probably should take much more than it takes to just incapacitate someone.

My only biggish gripe is how big the role of HT is in determining how well someone responds to injury (easily adjusted by house rule, of course).

Not that I'm saying TFT ought to go that way, but I think the 1-point margin between unconsciousness and death, while traditional, is also pretty extreme.
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