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Default Re: How would you create/price a power and/or an RPM spell that heals corruption?

I'd make it a modifier to Healing, probably +20% to +40% (sort of the opposite of "Injuries Only" and "Disease Only", but adds "Can Heal Corruption). Requiring the Faith Healing Enhancement as a prereq as well seems apropos.

For rate, I'd reverse the Corruption mechanic. Assuming the standard conversion rates of 25 Corruption = 1 CP = 25 energy, then with a 10 min/FP recovery rate, the saint could heal 25 Corruption for 25 FP (taking 250 minutes to recover), or a 1:1 ratio. But adjust the rate to suit.

The saint could also guide his patient in doing Penace (Horror p 148) while Healing. (That's 4 Corruption per day, so it might serve a benchmark to judge how powerful you want the saint's direct application of holy power to be. Do you want restoring Corruption to be mostly about the saint's intervention, or mostly about the actions of the patient?)
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