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Default Re: Geomorphing Playmats

Originally Posted by Izzy_B View Post
Hope this becomes a pinned post
Originally Posted by Bowser View Post
Yes, please "sticky" this, Drew. And then edit the OP as you create more playmats.
I will probably move this to the "Ogre Tools" thread eventually (which could use a little pruning itself to make it more useful to new players) but I'll leave it here for now. And yes, I will endeavor to keep it up to date.

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
I assume that all matching edges are "opposite" ones on the map listed? That is, for M? North, you're matching against M? South, etc.
That is correct.

Originally Posted by Cat View Post
Drew, could you post images please of a straight overhead shot of the new mats like were shown for all the others on KS? Then I could put together some combined images showing the tiling combos which are much more graphic than just the listings.
I will look into this.

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