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Default Re: Walking around with drawn bow

Originally Posted by PseudoFenton View Post
For simplicity and on the fly ruling, I'd treat as concentrate like "you can step every turn" without hassle, and just say anything more than that is subject to move and attack rules (capped at 9) which is to be expected!
Definitely Concentrate actions to keep it drawn.

Additionally, holding a drawn bow count as "combat time" for the purposes of FP loss, even if you're not aiming at anything or have any enemies around to shoot. Finally, I'd probably apply penalties after a few second to the shot that is eventually made, perhaps using the speed/range chart, but I'd have to look it over to see what would be sensible - I'd not allow an unpenalised shot after more than 10 seconds though for sure!
If it's a Compound Bow I wouldn't assess any penalties, ditto if their ST exceeds the bow's draw by 5 or more.
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