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Default Re: 10mm stingray round - how does it work?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
A binary bullet that splits and hits two points probably isn't less realistic than tangler rounds, and might actually use similar tech, since if it attached itself to the target it could have a continuous effect for multiple turns, similar to a stun wand.
I suppose it could have deployable fork or similar prong arrangement that flip out. This would either have to be just before striking the target, or the aerodynamic issues would severely limit the range of the bullet.

I always thought Stingrays made more sense in 15mm Gyroc since they are so much larger than a regular bullet. It also helps Gyrocs deal with their minimum range issue when using kinetic rounds like SLAP. A player in one of my games used Stingray Gyrocs to good effect when fighting inside a fragile space station where explosives or even heavy kinetic rounds would kill everyone.
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