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Default Re: [SPACESHIP] UT Weapons on a Small Spaceship.

Originally Posted by Riandor Na'Eris View Post
How do you get that RoF of 10? At best you have an RoF of 5 definitely not 10.
Sorry, you are correct. I've got an error stuck in my head where each level of rapid is x10.

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
And how will you fire a gun in cargo without opening the cargo hold and ruining the aerodynamics of the ship? How do you avoid giving enemies a perfect interior shot into the ship? How are you actually aiming and loading the weapon? Batteries and turrets account for such things, cargo holds do not.
Subtracting the weight from the cargo hold is not the same as sticking the gun in the cargo hold and using it from there. I agree that it needs to be mounted in order to be useful, and the way its mounted will effect both the additional weight cost and the circumstances of its use. I wouldn't require a spaceships systems turret, especially a full sized turret for a comparatively light gun. Having the turret weigh x10 the weapon weight is a touch excessive, especially when suggested caliber for SM+5 ships is 10cm.
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