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Default Re: Here's something I don't get about Coventry...

Originally Posted by prosfilaes
A lot of them are patriots to one cause or another that would prevent them from being useful to you. An Irish patriot might do everything he could to overthrow the British rule of Ireland in every parallel.
Good point. However, I don't see how they would be more dangerous than some of the crazies working for ISWAT.

Originally Posted by prosfilaes
On the flip side, what is Francis Bacon going to do for you? He may have the raw intelligence to catch on to your little plan, but he's 700 years behind in science and quite possibly could never wrap his head around the priniciples of modern science.
So, barring allotechnology, he'll never discover parachronics. Thus, rendering Francis a nonissue. I'm talking about a ~TL8 scientist who has discovered parachronics. If this discovery is based on data accessible to anybody who can use them for parachronic applications, Infinity will have to do more than snatch jobs.
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