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Default Re: Doubt on Armour divisor (Firearms)

Originally Posted by Anaraxes View Post
I also didn't see a rule for how long it takes to load that extra round, whether in Basic or HT.
You probably wouldn't.

The exceptions:
  1. You replace a magazine before the gun is empty (though the magazine may be empty). The chambered round remains chambered. Doesn't take any extra time.
  2. Pump and lever action guns - anything with "+1" in shots and "i" in loading time. It's as simple as filling the magazine, chambering a round, and putting one more round in the magazine. Uses the standard time for loading one additional round.
  3. You insert a magazine, work the action, remove the magazine, insert an additional round, and reinsert the magazine. Or, you chamber a round manually and insert a full magazine. Time largely irrelevant, as you would never do this during action that calls for second by second resolution.
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