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Default Equipment for PC Dreamland Avatars

Being the kind and generous soul I am, I decided that Alice Talbot's ritual created appropriate arms and armour for the heroic avatars that the PCs will become in the Dreamlands.

None of it should be made of metal, but the Dreamland materials of ice-crystals, exotic leather and any other suitable things (suggestions, please?) will be far better than any mundane, Earthly equipment.

Lucien Lacoste will become the Barbarian Warrior Glorn the Barbarian. As Glorn has always been something of a wish-fulfillment avatar for Lacoste, this actually changes very little. Lacoste retains his 'modern day' outfit, his ancestral Bowie knife and LeMat revolver and the double-barreled, stockless sawed-off owned by his great-uncle Leroy, as all of these are Signature Gear. He'll receive some new stuff, though, in return for the tactical vest, guns and knives that weren't Signature Gear.

Edward Alvin Smith has a self-image that could be classified as an aquatic Ranger or Ranger/Shaman. His Signature Gear includes three enchanted tattoos, a necklace of teeth and bone, a shaman's thighbone and a mixing bowl of some weird stone. He also carries a jade disk with what he calls an 'Elder Sign' on it and his Browning Hi-Power pistol and an A-Square Hannibal rifle in .577 Tyrannosaur. I was thinking he'd receive a spearhead that could be attached to his rifle, to make a spear, but should he receive any kind of armour? Maybe a thin mail coat of mysterious crystals.

Alice Talbot has difficulty truly seeing herself as a hero, no matter how many heroic fantasy characters she has played in RPGs. In any case, she doesn't imagine herself as an armoured warrior. Nevertheless, she is going to find a sword waiting for her, which is going to surprise her, as she did not incorporate any such thing into the ritual. A bookcase, yes, that she planned, for anyone who wanted a Dreamland version of the spellbooks she knows on the Penemue, but she made no mention of a sword.

'Nonc' Morel is a druid, no matter whether he's on this plane or any other. His clothes are unimportant, I suppose, being neither Signature Gear nor special in any way. T-Papa (his staff and link with his Pact-bonded genius loci), De'poy (enchanted hatchet), Gep (magical sling) and T-Jew (jaw harp) are all Signature Gear and Morel also found a way to bring his grandfather's Colt 'Peacemaker' and Winchester 1886.

Through Morel's hallucinogenic tea ritual, there will also be a metaphorical connection with Papa Mangrove and therefore a druid's grove at the start of their journey. Morel can pick up Dreamland versions of the Herb Lore elixirs and Charms he has at home, but didn't bring to visit his nieces and nephews.

Should 'Nonc' Morel receive any fantasy armament from Ms. Talbot's ritual, the way the other PCs did? The only thing I can imagine him missing would be some armour, I guess. Should he receive a suit of Dreamland walrus-leather armour? Something else?

Lucien Lacoste:
  • Waraxe, made of crystal that looks like ice.
  • Mail and lamellar shirt, made of crystal that looks like ice.
  • Bracers, made of black walrus leather and crystal reinforcement.
  • Greaves, made of black walrus leather and crystal reinforcement.

Edward Alvin Smith:
  • Spearhead, crystal.
  • Mail shirt, light, crystal.
  • Bracers?

Alice Talbot:
  • Sword, apparently of reddish steel (shouldn't exist there unless it was brought with them as Signature Gear), glowing with faint purple glow and melting the ice around it.

'Nonc' Morel:
  • Armour. The player has requested that his 'armour' consist of moss and other flora growing out of his beard and clothes.
  • Anything else?
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