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Sitting on the to do list.
- Cloud cities.


Anything else anyone wants on the list or anything I've missed?
I'll lobby for this one, as it's immediately useful to me, for any number of sessions of my existing game.

In today's session, the group decided they would have a lumber company in Nieuw Haarlem tow four large floating trees to the vicinity of the city, lash them together in stable configuration, and moor the structure to the city's arkenstone platform.

They estimate that will give them space approximately equal to the gridiron of an American football field, or the space between the goal lines and the touch lines of a Rugby League pitch.

It won't be as usable as the fields, though, because of all the branches that extend upwards to support the canopy and bouyancy bladders. However, there are two other "treehouse" platforms located within a mile of Nieuw Haarlem that the lumber company helped build, so it's been done, before.

The towing and lashing will cost $80,000 in 1919 currency (about $1.1 million in 2015 dollars), and they'll get a discount because they'll accompany the lumber dirigible as the (much needed) security detail. Otherwise it would have cost them $100,000 in 1919 currency.

Depending on how fancy they get on the housing designs, it could add another 50-100 percent to that cost.

The towing and the initial lashing will cost them everything they have and can trade, and will certainly require they open a line of credit with the Nieuw Haarlem Company Bank.

They've already said they may need to pop back home and do some more trading in 1919, to pay for everything.
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