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Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
A single dodecahedron has 12 holes, no two the same size... There's no "set of 12"
Every dodecadedron is its own set of 12 holes. I wasn't talking about sets of dodecahedrons. Much the way we collect those sizes of screwdriver bits or sockets into sets, perhaps it's a way of collecting a set of different-sized holes, all in one physical object so you can't lose one.

Not apparently a particularly convenient collection -- a flat board with 12 graduated holes would be a lot more straightforward if it's just a gauge, not to mention cheaper and easier to make. You'd think the opposition of two holes would have to be important to call for a polyhedron. But then, we don't know what it's for, so it's hard to say. And of course people aren't always logical, even with tools -- if that's what it is. Form follows function, but function doesn't always follow form.

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