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Intricately carved and detailed bronze dodecahedrons have been found across a swath of the old Roman Empire -- though not all of it. The polyhedra have differing sized holes in each face, along with circles inscribed around the holes, and knurls at each corner. Explanations offered by archaeologists for the purpose of the objects include rangefinders for military artillery, mace heads, gambling devices (though the differing size holes make them poor randomizers), sling bullets, astronomical observation tools to aid in planting, showpieces for master bronze workers to display their skill or perhaps qualify for rank, and ceremonial staff heads or mystical objects -- all of which tells you that nobody really has any idea of what they were for. There's apparently a complete absence of any written reference to these objects by the Romans, whether that's because they were too obvious and commonplace to bother, or too secret to commit to writing.

Which mystery of course leaves a nice opportunity for GMs to insert an explanation appropriate to their game as their pulp heroes race the Ahnenerbe to collect them all, or their delvers uncover them in the depths of ancient tombs, obviously valuable since they were stored even more carefully than the coins in the hoard.
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