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Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Move and Attack is pretty well useless for non-cinematic archers. A bow is Bulk -6 or worse, usually worse.
Close Quarters Battle (TS43) may be intended for Guns, but in an at least moderately cinematic setting should work fine for Bow as well. It can only negate -4 of the Bulk, meaning an archer on the move will be at -2 or worse even with the Technique bought to full (for [5]), but it's something. If you're willing to go a bit more cinematic (but without going all-out Heroic Archer), tossing on Technique Mastery will allow it to negate up to -8 (for a total cost of [10]) in Bulk penalties for shooting on the move.

Originally Posted by Noctifer View Post
Part of the problem, of course, is convincing my players (who are more used to Pathfinder/D&D) that using a bow and arrow is significantly slower than using a sword. Getting them to let go of some of those ingrained paradigms is certainly a challenge.
One problem is that you're going from DF-level cinematics to a more realistic setting. You'll want to be explicit that your campaign is more realistic than what they're used to, and also more lethal - they'll be more likely to appreciate the ability to engage a foe at range, even with the delays between attacks, once they understand how quickly things can go pear-shaped in melee. Running some example combats before the campaign starts will be extremely useful for you.

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