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Default Re: [Combat]: Do you bow, bro?

Archers in dungeon situations either
-are sufficiently over the top that they're eye-shotting the opposition constantly, preferably at a rate of one every turn or two.
-are going to be significantly less effective in straightforward action than melee characters, but might make up for it somewhat by being able to threaten otherwise out-of-reach opponents. EDIT: Having a dedicated archer may not be worthwhile, as opposed to having everyone pack some kind of secondary ranged capability.
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The Move and Attack Maneuver for the Archer would definitely be a bonus. Not quite as useful in inside spaces, but still useful.
Move and Attack is pretty well useless for non-cinematic archers. A bow is Bulk -6 or worse, usually worse. And as you've noticed, archers already have quite enough skill sinks. For Move and Attack with a bow to be any good, you're going to need extreme, cinematic skill levels or the Heroic Archer advantage. Horse archers and the like don't Move and Attack, they Attack or All Out Attack while their mount or vehicle Moves. They also don't usually fit into dungeons well.
I don't know any 3e, so there is no chance that I am talking about 3e rules by accident.
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