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Secret Library

This library is sealed off from the dungeon by a secret door that is -8 to detect. The door slides open revealing a library of books of the occult. There are books about demon summoning, necromancy and the Infernal in general. There are also prayer books and teachings from the demon prince Bashaari. There are also about the goals of the Bashaari cult and how they wish to free him from imprisonment. There are also some ripped black robes and a broken black candle in a box by the book shelves.

There is a small altar on the table with various offerings such as a cup of blood (long since dried and decayed), incence, and some small gems and jewels. ($100). There is a statue of a demon in black onyx with small ruby eyes in the center of the small table. The demon appears handsome but he has horns, fangs, goat legs and a demonic tail. ($250)

There is a small alcove in the library. There is a demonic being sitting inside a pentagram. It is a demon of old with the normal stats. If anyone enters the alcove then it will quickly cast darkness skill 20 and then attack the PCs anywhere in the library. Entering the alcove frees the demon from the pentagram but he must remain in the library until slain.

If the PCs slay the demon then they can see that there is another bookshelf in the alcove. There are books about a race that lived before humans were created and how they worshipped a star god and enslaved humanity until the Divine sent forth angels and a cataclysm to destroy them They dug deep underground to hide and built many structures. It also says there are fragments of the structures that were uncovered when the current dungeon was built. There is hope that the cult can use some of the devices of the old race and the star god to try to free the demon king Bashaari.
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