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Default Re: Soft announcement: new Ogre set!

On a complexity scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is Tic-Tac-Toe and 10 is Europa or some SPI monstrosity, Ogre was aiming at somewhere between 3 and 4. GEV, on the other hand , was aiming for somewhere between 4 and 5.

The design intent in Ogre seems to be that nothing ever stacks at all. Ogres ramming each other stay in adjacent hexes, armor never ram each other because they're always on the same side, infantry can't ram or be rammed, and an Ogre ram is automatic death to any armor unit.

As is already called out in the instructions, infantry surviving being stepped down and then fired by an Ogre at is the only case where any two units ever end up in the same hex. And it's really an edge case that is pretty unlikely to actually happen in motivated play.

This box should be Ogre being Ogre - let's not try to sneak chunks of GEV into it. The prospect of attacker GEVs ramming defending armor (or defending GEVs ramming the attacking GEVs) is about as far as we want to go down that road, and frankly I don't think it would damage the game overly just to disallow armor ramming armor altogether - armor can ram the Ogre in the standard scenarios because they're in an apparently futile life and death struggle against an unstoppable inhuman monster that has already killed most of their comrades and has almost destroyed their nation's main chance of victory in this sector. I honestly don't believe any armor crew would usually be capable of ramming a lesser target in less dire circumstances.

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