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Default Re: Soft announcement: new Ogre set!

Originally Posted by HeatDeath View Post
There does come a point where you are over-polishing...
Originally Posted by offsides View Post
Plus, since some of these are judgment calls on your part, it would be good to see what you decide on just in case it somehow triggers confusion or the like. Either way, I look forward to your replies!
That seems to be a lot of the commentary - things that aren't in of themselves wrong, but wording that some may find less than clear. Which in turn raises the question of whether the confusion is generalized, or specific to the individual reader. The former certainly is undesired, whereas the latter might fit HeatDeath's over-polishing As most of this text is directly from the ODE book, which was scrutinized ad nauseum itself, we may be over-thinking things.

But I completely agree with offsides: Your response will be illuminating!

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