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Default Inversion Rules [Horror]

One possible horror scenario is the idea of personal inversion, the reversal of positive and negative traits, when dragged off to Hell (or other strange dimensions). One way to represent personal inversion is to have players create their characters' inversions as alternative characters. The question is how to do the personal inversion?

One way that I have found that is fun is to give players a pool for the inversion's positive traits equal to (character negative traits 5) and a pool for the inversion's negative traits equal to (character positive traits 5, rounded up). The inversion's positive traits must be thematically related to the character's negative traits while the inversion's negative traits must be related to the the character's positive traits. Thus, a 200 CP character with 250 CP of positive traits and 50 CP of negative traits ends up with an inversion with 250 CP of positive traits and 50 CP of negative traits.

So, how would you do personal inversion? Would you let your players design the inversions or would design them? Would you ever want to use such an idea in your horror campaigns or would it just be too complex?
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