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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Player: "What do you mean I can't warp backwards?"

Same Player: "To Be, or Not to Be." when he is playing a Klingon. He has lost a Klingon Hero, a really cool K'Vort Bird of Prey, and a war with the Romulans on each respective night that he quoted Shakespeare....

GM: "You wake up..."

GM: "That is a touch spell. Who are you touching?"
Player: "I touch myself."
Rolling on the floor ensued...

Player: "I hide the diamonds!" (from his roommate)
GM: "Where? Roll vs. Perception"
Player roles...Six...Six...Six...
GM: "Hmph. Under your roomate's pillow it will be..."

Me: "Pick a bad number on a D6 and ROLL IT."
Wash: "Don't worry, I'm a leaf on the wind..."
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