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Default Re: Holier Warriors And Thiefbucklers

Heh. Well, at last night's game Zafir wielded his flaming morningstar (Matarab), with his DX boosted to 16 by Heroic Grace. This gave him an adjusted skill of 19, so he could make skull shots at 12. Sweet. The problem, of course, is that Zafir is a bit slow, had to lose his first turn to Concentrate, and the Scout, Martial Artist, and Holy Warrior (with two-handed sword) can drop foes rapidly. My first attack was after a move-and-attack so I didn't make a called shot. (Too bad, because I rolled three pips... sigh.) But then, at the end, there was a single foe remaining and I made the roll, it failed its defense, and the GM intoned the sweet words, "It's hard for any of you to imagine that it had ever had a head. . ."

Let's not discuss the fact that it was a Horde Pygmy who could have been killed with a papercut.
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