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Originally Posted by lachimba View Post

They are just after DR

Otherwise exploding bullets and so on would work very differently.
Not sure if we're talking about the same thing here. . . . Regarding follow-ups like flaming weapons, Exploits 56 says:

Some attacks (e.g., poisoned arrows, flaming swords, and venomous monster fangs) carry a follow-up: a secondary effect (like paralysis or toxic damage) that occurs after the primary one. The primary effect is always damage of some kind typically cutting, piercing, or impaling, occasionally crushing, and only rarely anything else.
It's not as clear as it could be, but if the primary effect is, say, impaling, I read the above as saying the impaling (with its multiplier) happens first, and after that, the secondary damage (like +2 for flame).

Which doesn't explicitly answer the question for body location, as opposed to weapon type but they're essentially one and the same, i.e., "impaling + vitals" is one primary effect w/ a x3 multiplier (depending on the creature). The follow-up effect is then added after all that.

Do I have that all wrong? (It happens a lot. . . . )
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