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Default Re: Quick Question: Bows and Heroic Archer Help

Step 0: Ready Bow if necessary
Step 1: Ready Arrow (ie, retrieve from quiver)
Step 2: Draw Bow
Step 3: Aim for Acc bonus (optional; may extend to 3 turns for Acc+2)
Step 4: Fire
Return to Step 1

A character with Fast Draw (Arrow) can make a skill roll to ready the arrow while he draws the bow, cutting time by a second. He may also Quick-Shoot the bow (see Martial Arts, pg 119), making a Bow-6 roll to draw and fire the bow in a single second; the attack roll is also at -6, and cannot be Aimed (at least, by my reading of the rule). Preceded by a Fast Draw (Arrow) roll, this lets the archer ready an arrow, draw back the bow and fire it all in one second, giving an effective RoF 1. Heroic Archer is greatly useful here, because not only does it give the Acc bonus without the need to Aim, it also halves the Quick-Shooting penalties, and any Fast Draw penalties for posture, position or adverse conditions.

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