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Default Re: How big is yours?

Originally Posted by tbone View Post
Hey, here's a bonus bit of nerdy: How I've got that GURPS stuff organized on the drive. Mostly by series, with some complications: the folder for Fantasy contains its own Banestorm folder, the folder for Tech books has its own folders for the appropriate flavors of books, and the folders for Backgrounds and Basic each contain a jumble of things.

I've got a deeper structure than you. My top level is the following:
  • Adventures
  • Core Rules
  • Pyramid
  • Settings
  • Sub Series
  • Tech and Magic
The core rules folder has subfolders for Combat books, social books, and Power Ups

The Sub Series folder is for the "Campaign Toolkits" (DF, MH, Action and AtE)

Settings takes up a huge percentage of the total.

Tech and magic is probably my most used folder, and has some weird divisions, like the compendiums being in the "Setting Building" Folder, and "Spaceships" having its own folder.

I have a few places where I link especially helpful pyramid articles to folders, or even books (RPM is linked to the monster hunter folders)

In the same folder I also keep
  • Sheets
  • Reference Doc
  • Links
I mostly keep fan-made stuff in there. Reference doc is almost completely stuff I've made myself.
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